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10 Best Mountain Bike Rack for Car (Reviews In 2020)

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Best Mountain Bike Rack for CarA bike rack is commonly used to carry a bike or bikes from one place to another. We can use it as a bike carrier while traveling by vehicle. It is normally installed on the rear part of a car or mounted over the back trunk of the car. Choosing a mountain bike rack depends on the vehicle on which you can install it.

The racks which are installed at the rear bottom of the car through a hitch are called hitch rack and which racks are installed by mounting it over the back trunk of the vehicle is called a trunk-mounted rack.

Both kinds of bike racks come as convenient and straightforward to install. They are very sturdy sufficient to be burdened with quite a few numbers of the bike. You can fold the bike while not in use and also, the installation process doesn’t take much time.

Reviews of the Best Mountain Bike Rack for Car

There is no dearth of mountain bike racks in the market, but not all of them are of outstanding quality. A standard mountain bike rack must have some common qualities as well as essential features. Every part of the rack needs to be made of excellent material to have a good carrying capacity.

As most of the time, people carry bikes during their family outing, so a mountain bike rack also ensures the stability, that the bikes or the vehicles do not get damaged anymore. These features make them convenient to use. We did extensive research and compiled a list of best mountain bike rack for the car considering all the basic and extra features that a bike rack needs to possess. This review must be useful while purchasing the best bike rack.

Swagman XC Hitch – Best Sturdy Mount Rack

Swagman XC Hitch Best Sturdy Mount RackSwagman XC rack is well constructed, sturdy, and straightforward to install a bike rack, that takes only five minutes to assemble and load it. The powder coat finish creates it rust as well as corrosion resistance.

The center arm comes as foldable and enables access to the rear of the vehicle along with the bikes loaded. The wheel cradles are adaptable and maintain original wheel sizes. Adjustable Ratchet arms come along with the ability to also hold bikes of every size.

Stability, as well as a solid grip, are very necessary for bikes, particularly when you can’t keep it on a check once the vehicle moves. The holding devices are sufficiently incorporated along with foam so that the bike doesn’t make a scratch on it.

This bike rack has also the ability to give that necessary stability along with an anti-rattle bolt which can keep most of the wobble within the hitch as well as the rack. The built-in anti-wobble hitch can prevent the rack and the bikes from swinging or jiggling.

  • Carries up to two bikes
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of excellent quality steel
  • Comes with a built-in anti-wobble hitch device
  • We can fold the center mast down
  • Nothing found

Allen Sports Hitch – Best Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports Hitch Best Mounted Bike RackThe best point about Allen Sports Mounted Bike Rack is the range of bearing capacity from 2 bikes to a maximum of 5 bikes. That is amazing to me.

It comes along with the ability to provide you not only a different number of bikes carrying capability but also gives original sizes of hitches. The rack comes as sturdy enough, we can feel the look.

It also comes along with the feature of a rapid tilt-away mast that you can tilt it along with just one hand and get satisfied with the work if the rear trunk of the vehicle requires to be removed.

The manufacturers make cradle straps of durable, high-quality UV resistant rubber, assisting to protect the bike even when it is completely tied. It hardly wobbles as well as sways on the road along with five bikes on it. It ensures the speed bumps because of no wobble bolts. It includes a lifetime of the warranty.

  • Fantastic technicalities construction
  • The rotatable mounts
  • Very Easy Hitch lock mechanism
  • Quick Secure Straps
  • Dual Compound Cradles
  • Little expensive

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Swagman XTC2 Hitch – Best Lightweight Bike Rack

Swagman XTC2 Hitch Best Lightweight Bike RackSwagman XTC 2 Hitch Bike Rack comes as a lightweight mount carrier which is constructed of steel. The construction is really exciting and well-thought. It has a powder-coated premium finish.

The side arms on the mast must have the ability to move up and down swiftly. Locking hitch pin, security cable, as well as fat bike tire trays you have to purchase separately. This versatile rack can conveniently adjust to the original sizes of bikes. It is also easy to carry. This compact rack can fold up correctly for storage on the back of the car.

You need just two minutes to slide the rack out from your car. Once your bikes are placed in the rack, they are protected in all situations. The rear trunk of the car can be opened fully even while we mount the rack. This rack comes along with the ability to provide you a very good value for money and includes Swagman’s limited lifetime warranty.

  • Carries up to two bikes
  • Soft-coated ratcheting bike hooks
  • Adjustable wheel hoops
  • The rubber straps
  • For first few times operating the rack may be difficult
  • It might wobble a little in rough tracks

Tyger Auto 4-Bike – Best Carrier Rack

Tyger Auto 4 Bike Best Carrier RackTyger Auto Bike Rack is the unique looking mountain bike rack. It comes along with an exclusive design as well as very well- construction. It has also the capability to carry up to 4 bikes easily.

The bike rack, manufactured from solid steel, conveniently gathers within a few minutes and requires lesser time to install the bikes. Once the bikes are placed in this rack, we can depend on it even when the car is on the roughest of the roads.

The cradles come as movable and you can lock it at the spot according to your choice. The holding mechanism of the cradles guarantees your maximum security. It also comes along with quality to provide the bike’s stability and does not sway or bounce.

Though it assumes you load the bikes, that means you can’t use the rear trunk without unloading the bikes, the tilting mechanism of the rack makes sure the convenient entrance to the rear trunk properly. This bike rack includes a TYGER No-Hassle Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Accommodates up to four bikes
  • Original Equipment
  • Provides hitch pin lock to secure the rack
  • Soft cradles and bar cushion
  • Straps loosen if not fastened carefully
  • Not suitable for Toyota Tacoma

Allen Sports Hitch – Top Quality Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports Hitch Top Quality Mounted Bike RackAs good as all other Allen bike racks, the manufacturers make this Allen Sports Hitch Mounted Bike Rack comes as sturdy deluxe bike rack of solid steel and also straightforward to install and assemble. It provides folding carry arms suitable for parking the car occupying very less space.

Because of this foldable arms, it needs not to be unloaded from the vehicle as well as can be kept hitched enduringly. The no-wobble bolt enables the rack to be fully tightened and supports the rack to hold the bikes securely with no swinging or bouncing on bumpy roads as well as pavements.

The straps, as well as tie-downs, are cushioned and constructed of suitable quality material to evade scratches on the bikes. It incorporates Allen’s lifetime guarantee.

  • Significant Support
  • Sturdy, and High-quality material
  • Enough space
  • Have a no-wobble bolt to provide maximum stability
  • Need to buy an adapter separately

Swagman Chinook Hitch – Best Quality Bike Rack

Swagman Chinook Hitch Best Quality Bike RackThe Swagman Chinook Hitch Bike Rack is another well-deserved one to hold a place in our best mountain bike rack for the car list. It comes as sturdy and constructed of solid materials.

The mechanism applied to make its unfamiliar parts to guarantee maximum stability. The bikes are held in place even if the road is rough and also when taking sharp turns. The rack comes along with a particular bar to tilt the rack along with the bike to enter the rear cargo area. If it does not burden the rack along with bikes, fold the mast down as well as then access the rear truck.

You can easily fold up the rack against the rear door when it is not being used. The wheel cradles look somewhat distinct from other bikes’ wheel cradles. The cradles have ratcheting straps as well as protective cushions protecting the bike wheels from damage.

  • Carries two bikes
  • Sturdy construction
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Adjustable ratcheting locking hooks
  • Can be tilted down with the bike
  • Expensive

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Hollywood Racks – Best Multi-Positon Mount Rack

Hollywood Racks Best Multi Positon Mount RackThis Hollywood Racks Mount Rack comes as a trunk mount rack that you can install it in such a way that the rear trunk can be accessed conveniently.

It has a feature named multi-position hinges, being the prime reason for being it such a versatile rack as well as fitting to every type of vehicle. It includes a limited lifetime warranty. It comes along with the ability to provide you 14.5-inch spacing between each bike and stops bike to a bike collision.

It takes just a moment to load on the trunk as well as another one minute to dismantle it. It also comes with an integrated tie-down strap for additional security. The straps come as long and constructed of nylon, making it corrosion resistant. It is pre-assembled as well as also available for storage. It is a strong bike rack at a very affordable price.

  • Affordable
  • It can carry up to three bikes
  • Pre-assembled
  • Foldable
  • Multi-position hinges
  • Has an integrated tie-down strap for securing the bikes
  • Carrying woman bikes can be difficult
  • Though it takes just a minute to install

Allen Sports Ultra Mounted – Best Capable Bike Rack

Allen Sports Ultra Mounted Best Capable Bike RackThe Allen Sports Ultra Mounted Bike Rack is best for carrying one bike. It comes along with the ability to carry up to 2 bikes yet is great as a one bike carrier.

It comes as compact plus ends up too small that it can comfortably fit in a medium-size bag. The carrying bag also incorporates the bike rack itself as well as so it is straightforward to carry and handy to store. Its classic design includes 3 security straps.

Among the three, the one which you can use at the bottom of the trunk is flexible and supports it to adjust the bike in such a way that it can provide you security from bouncing. This rack is the most affordable one from our list without compromise the condition of the rack. As good as all other Allen bike racks, this one also has Allen’s lifetime warranty.

  • Carries up to two bikes
  • Pre-assembled
  • Compact
  • Fits in a medium-size bag comfortably
  • The connectors are very secure
  • Leg rests are padded to prevent the damage
  • Has 3 security straps ensuring ultra-protection
  • Folding the rack is a bit tricky unless you have excellent practice in folding it

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Saris Bones 801 – Best Heavy Duty Mount Rack

Saris Bones 801 Best Heavy Duty Mount RackThe manufacturers make saris Bones Mount Rack of 100 percent recyclable heavy-duty plastic, being one of the strongest trunk mount bike racks.

The injection-molded arms, as well as legs, make sure the solid built and secure the rack corrosion resistance. This rack comes along with the different color options, and you will have found some colors that have a charitable purpose is separate from other mount bike racks.

You will be able to pick the rack by matching it along with your car color or act up to your preference. You will have a total of six straps to mount the rack on the trunk. Two straps included along with the rack are for the top, 2 for the bottom, as well as the rest 2 for the side towards the bumper. It comes as a pre-assembled bike rack. The width of the support arms, as well as the legs, can be adjusted too. The rubberized leg rest comes along with the ability to protect the vehicle from damage. This mount rack also has a lifetime warranty.

  • A good range of colors
  • The design is unique and sleek,
  • The sturdy body ensures maximum stability
  • The arc-based design is bikes on different levels
  • Ratcheting anti-sway coated straps
  • Might wiggle a little on SUVs

BV Bike Bicycle Hitch – Excellent Mount Rack Carrier

BV Bike Bicycle Hitch Excellent Mount Rack CarrierThe BV Bike Bicycle Hitch Mount Rack is excellent for SUV trunks. You can easily tilt the rack even when the bikes are mounted on it to locate the rear trunk.

This rack is very simple to assemble and install it on the trunk is also extremely simple. The three-point connection system assists to secure the bikes. Thanks to the three-point connection system, owing to having such a feature means it has two tray-style arms on the bottom as well as one vertical arm on top to hold the bike sturdily and stops it from swinging.

It comes along with a 2-way anti-wobble system that serves to reduce the wobbling between the rack as well as a hitch. The rear safety reflector comes as the unique feature of the rack, aiding to dispense the rack and bikes when night driving. You can fold it upwardly even when the rack is hitched along with the bikes.

  • Two carrying capacity
  • Safety reflector
  • The 2-way anti-wobbling design
  • Tilts back very easily
  • Tray-style loops
  • Nothing found

CampingEver Overview:

Our review of the best mountain bike rack for the car now ends. As we know, a mountain bike is a worthy product for the biker. So, if you don’t require your rack locks to fling open, plus your bike to flew away in the middle of the road, then you require to pick the best mountain bike rack for car good in quality, well built, sturdy sufficient to make sure the great protection of your bikes as well as convenient traveling.

This review will aid you to get the best mountain bike rack for car. Remember, purchase a product only when if it meets your specific demands. Before getting your bike rack, have a look at this review and make an informed decision to buy. I hope it will assist you to make the right decision and to have the ideal rack for transporting your mountain bikes.

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